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The Cardiometabolic Center Alliance Announces Boehringer Ingelheim as a Sponsor

February 15, 2022 | Press Releases

The Cardiometabolic Center Alliance (CMCA), founded by Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute, is honored to announce the addition of Boehringer Ingelheim, on behalf of its Alliance with Eli Lilly and Company, as a Sponsor of the CMCA.

“The mission of the CMCA is to bring quality care to patients living with diabetes and cardiovascular disease across the country and to see improvements in outcomes as measured by our novel national patient registry,” said Mikhail Kosiborod MD, Cardiometabolic Center Alliance Executive Director. “Engaging with key stakeholders that have a similar commitment is critically important to our success.  We are excited to have Boehringer Ingelheim join us on this endeavor as we strive to accomplish these goals.”

“The CMCA is at the forefront of transforming the care of people living with diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, creating and implementing a holistic care protocol that encourages collaboration and early intervention,” said Mohamed Eid, M.D., M.P.H, M.H.A, vice president, Clinical Development & Medical Affairs, Cardio-Metabolism & Respiratory Medicine, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. “We are excited to support the CMCA as it works toward our shared goal of improving the lives of people with cardiometabolic diseases.”

This support of the CMCA upholds the goals of Boehringer Ingelheim’s alliance with Lilly, which focuses on caring for people with and without diabetes and addressing areas of unmet medical need.

The Cardiometabolic Center Alliance is a national collaborative of healthcare organizations committed to the mission of improving the quality of care and outcome in patients with cardiometabolic disease. Across its aligned member sites, care is delivered via a standardized, patient-centered, team-based, comprehensive risk reduction approach based on a novel care model designed and successfully implemented by Saint Luke’s Michael & Marlys Haverty Cardiometabolic Center of Excellence in Kansas City, MO.